You can deck the kitchens and baths

in elegance and style !

We asked our own sales team what they think the perfect Holiday gifts would be from Elegant Additions. 

Here are some of their faves - things we think should be on your holiday “wish list”:

 SUTTON (Dallas Sales):

My perfect Christmas gift from Elegant Additions would be any Jason Tub featuring the MicroSilk System. First, Jason has mastered the art of hydrotherapy - when water is the healer. Soothing tired, aching muscles, improving blood circulation, even simple relaxation, hydrotherapy is so important when choosing a tub for yourself. Studies have shown users of hydrotherapy sleep better, feel more energized during the day, have reduced blood pressure, fewer headaches, and are generally less stressed. 

sutton 1.jpg

Now, imagine paring hydrotherapy with the magic of MicroSilk. Don’t know what it is? To put it simply, it’s the Fountain of Youth. Literally. While relaxing in your Jason tub, you can turn on the MicroSilk function. Small bubbles will begin to pour in from the side of the tub. Eventually, the tub will turn into a milky color. No, it’s not milk. It is still just water! What is making it look milky are the bubbles. These bubbles are so incredibly tiny that they are actually penetrating the skin’s surface removing impurities, carry oxygen for improved metabolism, exfoliate, and improve hydration. All in just 20 minutes of soaking. You do absolutely nothing! I think that is the best part of it all.

sutton 2.jpg

You’re probably also thinking “ok, 20 minutes…the water will not stay warm for that long.” Wrong! These miracle bubbles collapse under water, therefore keeping your bath warm the entire duration of your soak. Any other bath, bubbles rise to the surface and accelerate the release of heat back into the atmosphere, hence why your water won’t stay warm. Staying warm enhances the effects of both MicroSilk and hydrotherapy: absorbing moisture, improving circulation, opening pores to release toxins, and increase cardiovascular activity.


sutton 3.jpg

It’s a facial for your body. You will get out of the tub feeling exfoliated, hydrated, moisturized, and totally relaxed. And for those who worry about the effects of aging or have skin conditions: worry no more. Wrinkles will begin to disappear. Bruises and cuts will begin to heal quicker. Dry, itchy, irritated skin will be soothed. You will literally look younger and be healthier. MicroSilk is truly a miracle for your body, and your body will thank you.

sutton 4.jpg

 If you would like to try this miracle out for yourself, stop into our Dallas showroom. We have a Jason tub with MicroSilk on display and we would love to show you how truly incredible it is!

HENRI (Houston Sales):

My pick is the Vola Wall Mounted Round Shower Head. Excellent design, the finest materials and Danish craftsmanship.

hb 3.jpg

Manufactured from a solid 1322 pound rod 11” in diameter, they produce 43 round showers.

Each brass or stainless steel slice is polished by hand in Denmark.

hb 1.jpg
hb 2.jpg

It’s an extraordinary shower head that no luxury home should be without. Available in 26 finishes.

Wall or ceiling mount. $5715 list price Exclusively at Elegant Additions.  


MALORIE (Houston Sales Assistant):

I think the perfect Christmas gift would be the Eternity Lighted Mirror from Electric Mirror.  

malorie 2.jpg

What better way to light up the holidays than with a Lighted Mirror from Electric Mirror! Specifically the Eternity Lighted Mirror. The round illuminating glow it puts off will help you primp for the holiday parties or any festive function. If you opt to add the AVA technology to your dimmable mirror, you have a range of warm to cool lighting to choose from, all the way to a dim night light glow.

And here’s the best part….every time a mirror with the AVA technology is purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help find a cure for cancer. This warm gesture is in honor of a little girl named Ava, who is the younger sister of an employee at Electric Mirror, who is battling cancer. (See below.)

This beautiful mirror is available in 3 sizes, proudly made in the USA, and energy efficient to boot!

malorie 1.jpg

 A little back story on the Ava Technology: Beautiful, confident, Ava.

The product name Ava was chosen to honor an Electric Mirror employee’s beautiful younger sister who is battling cancer. When we first met Ava, we were struck by her strength, confidence and beautiful smile. And because this innovative lighted mirror technology brings out every woman’s beauty and confidence, naming it after Ava just made sense.

Now every time a lighted mirror with Ava technology is produced, Electric Mirror employees will be reminded of beautiful, confident Ava. And every time a mirror with Ava technology is purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated in Ava’s honor to help find a cure for cancer.


Lauren (Dallas Sales):


DLV hardware, in my  opinion, is the sexiest hardware out there. It is designed and made in New York, which gives it such a beautiful “one-of-a-kind” feel.
The high quality, craftmanship, and deliberate design are just a few reasons why it is listed as my Fav! I think I became a brass believer after seeing their Satin Brass and Wenge Wood Tao pull. PERFECTION!  

lauren 1.jpg
lauren 3.jpg