What's Trending for Showers and Shower Systems in 2019

by guest blogger and industry associate, Cynthia Carter, Partner with Next Generation Marketing

Water.  Water is essential to life and an element that has played an important role since the beginning of time and across numerous cultures.  It affects both our body and spirit. 

 From Roman baths to hot mineral springs, humans have utilized water through the centuries as a bathing ritual and there is evidence the therapeutic use of water has been practiced by numerous ancient civilizations.  Today we still enjoy the act of bathing, but since the early 1800s when the shower was invented, we have come to appreciate the convenience of showering.  Just as a bath can do more than provide personal hygiene, a shower can also accomplish more than washing away grime.  Consumers now want showers offering multiple functionalities so they can be used to not only clean but also relax, energize, and even heal; to provide overall bliss and healthness (health + wellness).  For this reason, the biggest shower trend in 2019 is the transformation of the shower into a private spa (sanus per aquam - health through water).



To design a personal home shower spa you need a variety of plumbing products that provide hydrotherapy with hot water and cold; all at different pressures and water shapes.


Some of the most advanced and exciting personal spa fittings are made by the luxury faucet manufacturer, Dornbracht, whose products are produced solely in Germany and are known for their design and plating excellence.  They use their knowledge of the effects of water as the starting point for product development in the fabrication of shower heads, pressurized sprays, affusion pipes, and completely digitized shower systems.  Their expertise and passion has led to their ability to transform water.



Hot water in the shower is nothing new and we know it lowers stress, alleviates pain, soothes and prepares us for sleep, elevates oxytocin levels, and reduces cold symptoms such as a stuffy nose.  However, you may be surprised to learn that cold water is equally beneficial.  Cold water treatments have been proven to increase circulation by drawing blood to our organs, diminish muscle soreness, relieve depression, and boost overall oxygen intake. 


Hot and cold water, regardless of how delivered over one’s body provides benefits, but the advantage is amplified with the change in water pattern and pressure.  Water that forms in huge, gently falling drops, mimicking rain, makes you feel as if you are showering in the open air.  Dornbracht studied in detail the nature of raindrops and learned they fall light as a feather, bursting softly on the body.  Dornbracht then developed shower heads and sprays imitating this exact effect.  With Dornbracht’s large ceiling mounted shower heads such as Rain Sky, Big Rain and Just Rain, the user experiences a pleasant tingling sensation as the water drops over their body. 



Additionally, Dornbracht’s new, 2018 Interior Design Best of Year winner, Rainmoon, provides a unique home spa experience.  It has two newly developed flow modes; the Tempest with large, soft droplets pouring down from every direction and the Aqua Circle delivering water in the shape of a gentle funnel; all under a domed moon light.  This results in the user having the feeling of infiniteness when gazing upwards. 


Water that flows in a cascade makes you feel as if you are underneath a natural waterfall.  Dornbracht offers three cascading shower heads:  Water Fall, generating a deluge of water pouring over you as if under a natural waterfall; Water Sheet, supplying an arc of gushing water from a wide, flat spout; and Water Fall Pearl Stream, delivering individual streamlets of water sluicing over the user.


A soft water jet provides a gentle and relaxing massage; whereas, a powerfully pulsating massage jet invigorates and deeply relaxes.  For a more intense massage, Dornbracht offers pressurized body sprays called Aqua Pressure Body Sprays.  These are not meant to lightly spritz like body sprays of the past; they actually generate a pressurized stream of water resulting in a deep water massage.  The Water Curve provides a powerful neck massage and the vertical and horizontal Water Fans supply a back massage.


Another personal spa shower system product offered by Dornbracht is the Kneipp Hose or Affusion Pipe.  These hoses provide only cold water and are used after a warm water shower to produce a hydrotherapy response.  With 1 to 60 second applications, temperature stimuli use the skin to trigger positive reactions in the body, such as the narrowing of blood vessels which promotes circulation and invigoration.



Lastly, the most advanced faucetry being selected for a personal spa shower, is complete digital systems.  Digitized showers that are programmed to run different scenarios by quickly changing the temperature and pressure of water from various shower heads and sprays in an orchestrated choreography.  This allows the user to stand in the shower or lay on a warmed stone bench and in 5 minutes receive a treatment that energizes, relaxes, or brings harmony to their body.  Dornbracht is in the forefront of this technology with their ATT (Ambient Tuning Technique) Vertical and Horizontal Showers.  This advance shower system operates by using individual computer chips in separate valves for each shower function allowing the faucets to magically perform a water cure.


With all of the specialized shower options available today and the importance of health and wellbeing during our busy lives, it is no wonder the biggest shower trend is to transform your home’s shower into a personalized spa.   Doing so will allow you to experience the benefits on a daily basis, at any time, all within the convenience and privacy of your own home.  Now doesn’t that sound like bliss?

Cynthia Carter, Partner with Next Generation Marketing - an Independent Manufacturer’s Representative in Texas, and Immediate Past President of the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association.  She is passionate about luxury residential and commercial plumbing and hardware products and is honored to represent well respected and industry leading manufacturers, including DORNBRACHT.