Yes, It IS Easy To Be "GREEN" - And To Be Beautiful!

Once upon a time, the terms “green kitchen” or “sustainable bath” would have seemed impossible, maybe even laughable. With limited product offerings, designers and builders were left with little more than a typical, standard bath or kitchen.

But times have changed. Today, the idea of a “green” bath or kitchen may still seem uncertain to some builders, but it shouldn’t be. Just like any other part of the house, these spaces can be designed using eco-conscious ideas and products.


But what exactly constitutes a green or eco-friendly bathroom or kitchen? Simply put, it includes rooms and products that use less water, a home that saves energy, contains environmentally-friendly products and includes spaces that are thoughtfully constructed with resource-efficient materials. Thankfully, industry professionals who are inclined to design spaces with these characteristics can now do so because manufacturers have been working hard to make it possible.

One of these manufacturers is ROCKY MOUNTAIN HARDWARE.  Here is what they have to say about working in a “green” environment and creating products that are eco-friendly.  A great example of how you can be environmentally-friendly AND stylish and beautiful at the same time



”At Rocky Mountain Hardware, we believe that being environmentally responsible is part of our job.   As an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable business, we put our values into practice every day, from supporting numerous local charities to living greener, especially when it comes to manufacturing products. All sand used to cast molds is reconditioned on an hourly basis for reuse, resulting in zero waste. Bronze chips and grinding dust are also recycled with absolutely no byproduct. For us, living green is more than just an ideal -it truly is a way of life.



All Rocky Mountain Hardware products are cast of 100% art-grade recycled bronze. Our product is third party certified to contain a minimum of 90% recycled content, 50% of which is post-consumer.  Post-consumer waste is that which would typically go to a landfill.  Each piece is finished in our eco-friendly patina process to create the beautiful hues for which we are known. 


While our product is made from 100% recycled bronze, our certification is for 90% recycled content because it takes into account the lock mechanism and other non-recycled sub-assemblies. Our product can contribute towards earning up to 2 LEED® points.  All manufacturing facilities are in Idaho, USA.  Our corporate headquarters is LEED® Gold.  Our efforts to meet this standard will help mitigate the building's effect on the environment while providing a tangible example of our commitment to the environment.



Rocky Mountain Hardware is committed to community service and is dedicated to creating a better, greener environment.”